Booking Policy

1.Must I book time slots in 1-hour intervals? Can I book part of an hour?

We are currently set up to lease the studio in 1-hour time slots only. Of course you can book 2 or more hours instead of just one hour. But, at this time, you are not able to book the studio for part of an hour.

2.What happens if I overstay my booking session?

If you overstay then you will inconvenience the next user and it would be not fair to him or her. We will capture your overstay on our CCTV and the next time you book a slot, we may charge you an additional fee to cover your overstay.

3. If I book for a specific time slot, can I change the booking?

If you book a time slot, you can change the booking without any additional charge as long as it is not within 7 days of your booking date. If it is   less than 7 days of the booking date, then there is a S$5 surcharge. Finally, 2 days before the booking date, we will not be able to change your booking and you will have to forfeit the paid fee if you do not utilize the studio as booked.

4. How can I pay for my booking?
You need to have a PayPal account ( At this time, we are only able to accept payment at our website by PayPal.