Welcome to a new dimension of Spa Experience

Starpool of Italy offers you a luxurious, and soothing spa ambience and indulgence that will transport you into a world of calm and rejuvenation.

For the space challenged spa, we can even offer you a complete spa within just 3sqm of space with our unique Sweet Spa. This Red Dot design award winning steam cabin offers you aromatherapy, color therapy, music therapy and even comes equipped with a rain shower, a hand shower and two emotional showers. The special wellness circuit makes it easy to purify or relax or excite or simply to revitalize your body.

For commercial spas, Starpool offers a full range of spa equipment, including saunas, steam rooms, ice rooms, ice fall, emotional showers, water paradise, relaxation rooms with crystalline salt walls, special spa beds and loungers and many more. If you are planning a spa, let us help you design and equip a “wow” type spa which is high tech and energy saving as well as space saving.

For home spas, reenergize yourself, melt stress away, restore your inner balance, and recharge your body and experience the Starpool wellness at home today! » » Next Brand » Next Brand » Next Brand » Next Brand » Find out more